Parkinson's UK - Print Fulfillment

Over the past 5 decades Parkinson's UK have funded ground-breaking research and provided support to thousands of people across the UK. We worked with them to provide support, guidance and our expertise on new Print Fulfillment Distribution services.

The Children's Society

The Children’s Society was founded in 1881 and continues to be the largest Children’s charity in the UK – making children’s voices heard. We worked alongside them providing support and expertise on their Travel Management Project.

St Helena Hospice

St Helena Hospice helps patients, families and carers deal with incurable illness. Novo-K met with them to carry out a SMARTcheck to help them access their procurement and meet their 5-year plan.

Orchid - Fighting Male Cancer

Orchid are a leading UK charity working to save men's lives from male cancers. We met with Orchid following an issue with their IT services to provide them with recommendations and "offering tailor-made solutions to suit..." the organisations needs.

“We are delighted with the expertise that Novo-K brought to the procurement project. From day one they have ensured the project has run smoothly and they worked extremely hard with internal and external stakeholders to deliver the project on time and appoint a supplier that caters for our needs and has a good fit with the charity. The communication with the project team has been excellent and they provided us with guidance and support throughout the process.”

Stephen Hooper, Acting Finance Director Parkinson's UK

Attending our EXPOSED!?! Training Course: "I'd recommend attending similar events on data security and risk from suppliers because it gives you an opportunity to learn from an expert on a subject of interest and share best practice experience with your peers in other organisations..."

Phil Perkins, Head of Procurement Oxfam

It has been a real pleasure working with Novo-K. They brought their expertise and professionalism to the project. It was an un-bias, healthy and transparent approach throughout the project. With their approach, we won over sceptical stakeholders and now a successful business partnership has been agreed.” 

Toyin Onasanya, Project Lead The Children's Society

“Kavita Cooper is a pleasure to work with. Her enthusiasm for the role effective procurement can play in releasing resources for charities to better achieve their mission is infectious. Kavita’s broad commercial experience combined with her great insight into the third sector make her a valued and valuable partner. 

Mark Jarman-Howe, CEO St Helena Hospice

"I worked with Kavita, as her business development contact while she was procuring a new TMC, on behalf of her client. Firstly, Kavita is a pleasure to work with. She has truly mastered the art of harnessing a genuine and professional relationship with whom she comes into contact with. She is innovative, forward thinking and her commitment and hard work far outweighs her remit. Her friendly but ‘hard bargaining’ technique ensures suppliers feel empowered to offer competitive rates, as we can see the true value of a partnership with whom she recommends. On a personal level, I am inspired by Kavita’s driven attitude to her career. She is becoming quite the trailblazer to women especially, making it abundantly clear that anything is possible, when you have the right attitude."

Amy Edmonds, Clarity Travel

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"Kavita and Novo-K were employed by my charity Livability when I was Procurement Lead there. I have no hesitation in recommending Kavita for any role that she feels that is appropriate for her. I found Kavita to be knowledgeable in her role of consultant advisor, adding this to her verve and intelligence the project she was employed to assist in was concluded to acclaim and success. She and her company were diligent and timely with responses to questions and statements too. I would employ Kavita in any project in the 3rd Sector that requires expertise and experience in the procurement function.

Ian Kirsch, Head of Procurement Livability

In September 2017 we run two workshops at eWorld: Procurement & Supply sharing our #SMARtprocurement model, how collaboration within organisations can make a difference and our tools/templates "I found the Novo-K workshop at eWorld very helpful. I am already using some of the tools they shared to promote procurement within my organisation" 

Jenny Pearmund; Procurement Category Manager at CGL | change, grow, live

"Novo K helped us get to the root of our IT issues. As a charity dedicated to supporting men and their families affected by male specific cancers, it’s imperative that we have reliable IT systems so that we can communicate with supporters, healthcare professionals and cancer patients. Novo K communicated efficiently with our suppliers, providing a step by step report of their findings and offered tailor-made solutions to suit our organisation’s needs." 

Rebecca Porta, CEO Orchid

"Kavita and her team are really approachable and happy to discuss procurement at all levels. So even if this is an area you dont specialise in you are made to feel comfortable and are able to lean about a diverse area in laymans terms."

Siobhan Edwards, Events Manager

"Novo-K is helping COATS to drive down the cost of maintaining goods and services where being a smaller organisation can make developing strong supplier relationships harder to achieve."

John Barnes, Chairman COATS

We were very impressed with Novo-K throughout the RFP. The process of investigation into the supply chain, gaining insight into the individual suppliers and their capabilities enabled Novo-K to rationalise, delivering best value and service whilst also simplifying supplier management for the Client.

Duncan Marrison, Managing Director of Mosaic Fulfilment Solutions


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