At Novo-K we understand the importance of cost control, ensuring value for money and managing risk. With our scalable approach we deliver a cost-effective solutions, avoiding the need to recruit additional resource, allowing our clients to focus on their key objectives.

Our aim is to build in-house procurement knowledge, with those responsible for buying and are also able to support existing procurement teams, where resource is required for specific tactical or strategic projects. 

Our SMARTproducts provide an end-to-end solution building the foundations of best practice procurement, through to specialist support for niche and complex requirements.


In-depth analysis of your organisation's buying behaviour, identifying areas of supply chain risk and highlighting areas to save money

  • Increased clarity and focus to support the delivery of strategic objectives
  • Spend data analysis to increase efficiencies and realise significant savings
  • Collaborate with suppliers, building strategic relationships to encourage innovation
  • Provide confidence to stakeholders and supporters that the necessary controls are in place


Putting you in control of procurement with tools, templates and systems, the building blocks on which you build in-house procurement

  • Best practice procurement and templates tailored for your organisation
  • Standardise and take control of your procurement activities
  • Centralised system will help support internal procurement to maintain clarity and control
  • Provide confidence to senior leadership that the necessary controls are in place

SMARTprocure and SMARTtender

Structured 4-step process to procure and contract based on the needs of your organisation, using 'Sourcing 2 Supervision'

  • Cost effective solution with high productivity and fast delivery
  • Access to procurement expertise and our network to gain sector knowledge
  • Leverage our successful and established SMARTtender 'Sourcing 2 Supervision' model
  • Access category expertise, supply knowledge and latest sector innovations



A bespoke services to support your organisation's on-going procurement and supplier management needs

  • Scalable solution designed and tailored for your specific needs
  • Support an existing function without the need to recruit expensive additional resource
  • Cost effective access to knowledgeable and experienced specialists
  • Readily available virtual team of pre-selected partners chosen for their expertise


Build your organisation's procurement expertise through tailored training

  • In-house training delivers a cost effective solution, paying less per delegate
  • Team building, idea sharing and encourages innovation
  • Courses branded and tailored to meet your mission, goals and vision

Courses include: Procurement Foundations, Introduction to Negotiation, Contract & Supplier Management, Procurement Planning, Procurement Presentation Skills, Procurement Finance, Stakeholder Management, Basic Contract Law, SMARTtender: Sourcing to Supervision

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