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Procurement Foundations

An introductory one day course aimed at all levels of your organisation, those who are accountable (leadership team, budget holders) and those responsible for buying goods and services.

This one day course provides the foundations onto which best practice procurement 'Procurement Principles' can be built. Course content, tailored to your organisation:

  • Introduction to procurement, environment and markets
  • Role and importance of governance
  • Understanding needs and requirements of stakeholders 
  • Principles of strategy development
  • Ethical and sustainable procurement
  • Identify opportunity for savings (tactical and strategic)

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Procurement Financials

Highlights the importance of involving procurement at all stages of the budgeting process. Suitable for non-finance people, department heads, budget owners and supplier managers delegates.

  • Building and managing the budget 
  • Understand how suppliers set their prices
  • Understanding suppliers financial accounts
  • Measuring supplier performance through KPIs and SLAs


Procurement Planning

Focus on the importance of planning procurement activities to manage risk i.e. reputational, reduce costs and ensure value for money. Suitable for those accountable and responsible for procuring goods and services. 

  • Understanding, mapping and managing risk
  • Strategic verses Tactical Delivery
  • Category Management principles 
  • Sustainable and ethical procurement


Contract and Supplier Management

Provides a comprehensive introduction to supply performance management, methods and processes. Suitable for those with contacts with suppliers and involved in building and managing supplier relationships.  

  • Building strategic relationships - roles and responsibilities 
  • Importance of contract and supplier management
  • Principles of performance management & effective use of KPIs 
  • Managing change and supplier under-performance


Category Management

Understanding the value that category management, as a strategic approach to managing expenditure, can deliver to the organisation. Exploring the tools and techniques that can be applied. Suitable for those responsible for procuring goods or services, budget owners and finance stakeholders.

  • The principles of category management
  • Understanding the key stages of the process
  • Application of tools to support category management
  • Cross functional working and managing change


Basic Contract Law

Provides an overview of contract law, enabling development of favourable terms and understanding rights and remedies available. Suitable for those negotiating and finalising supplier contracts. 

  • Types of contracts and components
  • Understanding key contractual terms 
  • Understanding 'Battle of the forms'
  • Exiting contracts and dispute resolution procedures


Tendering Process (Sourcing 2 Supervision)

Covering the end to end tendering process (Sourcing, Selection, Signing and Supervision). Suitable for those responsible for the procuring of goods and services. 

  • Understanding the need - specification development 
  • Identifying potential suppliers and partners
  • Agreeing contract terms and conditions 
  • Managing the delivery and implementation of the contract


Introduction to Negotiation

Learn how to become an effective and successful negotiator. Suitable for all levels and useful to those who are accountable and responsible for supplier and partner relationships. 

  • Preparation, planning and phases of negotiation 
  • Use of appropriate negotiating styles 
  • Methods of persuasion and use of tactics 
  • Impact of verbal and nonverbal communication 


Stakeholder Management

Focuses on understanding the needs and requirements of stakeholders across an organisation. Suitable for those responsible for procuring of goods or managing suppliers on behalf of other stakeholders.  

  • Identifying and mapping stakeholders 
  • Relationship spectrum and hierarchy of needs
  • Influencing and engaging stakeholders
  • Effective communication and planning

Share your success through Digital Marketing

Focus on the principles of good internal communication and using digital marketing techniques to share procurement success stories in an engaging, exciting and innovative way. Suitable for those in procurement or marketing.

  • Share the value of your procurement activity
  • Understanding the power of internal communication
  • Identifying the right digital marketing products
  • Planning and measuring the impact of digital marketing

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